Jump higher, run faster with the Skyrunner!

Are you bored with your current fitness regime and fancy something a bit different?

Then maybe it's time to 'jump' on board the latest extreme sport bandwagon and get yourself a pair of Skyrunner. These fantastic jumping stilts act as an extension of your own leg, giving you the incredible ability to jump, leap and run in extreme style!


You have GOT to get a pair of these!

The Skyrunner will enable you to jump up-to 2m in the air! Run with 2.70m strides! And run at over 30km per-hour!



You'll be amazed what the Skyrunners can make you do - wearing them is like having super-strong muscles built right into your feet.

The secret behind these incredible fun fitness gadgets is curved springs attached to the base, so when you press your feet downwards, the pressure of your weight creates gravitational energy.

Slip on a pair of these and you could be busting some moves that put even the most agile of superheroes to shame! As you become more confident why not show off the Skyrunner's potential by trying out some more extreme moves such as back flips and split kicks? Adrenaline junkies everywhere will be queuing up to strap on a pair of these jumping stilts to see what moves they can muster!

However, you don't have to be super-fit or an extreme sports fanatic to make the most of the Skyrunner Jumping Stilts. Simply enjoying a brisk walk in these is enough to give you a fantastic cardiovascular workout, combined with weight training and core stability exercises. And it's a lot more fun than the gym!







Which Model?

THIS LATEST IMPROVED MODEL 2ND GENERATION greatly improves not only the safety but also the performance of the Sky Runner.

NEW Professional Model Skyrunner Second Generation:

The professional model carrys all of the same features as the adult first generation models, with the addition of: - a new axle to footplate to make it rotate with your ankle's movement (makes it more natural to walk, run, and jump) - nylon strap instead of plastic - more durable rubber stopper at base that is easier to replace - lightweight aluminum alloy footplate instead of plastic footbed

Size 50-70kg / 70-90kg / 90-110kg

RRP: $499

Our Price: just $199


Children's Model Skyrunner :

Skyrunner for kids 30- 50kg

Our price: $150 + S&H

Australia only


As with all sports there is the risk of injury, and before you step in and strap on your Skyrunners, we recommend that you always use safety equipment. Initially, it may take time to get your balance and we would advise that you have a friend on hand until you get used to them. Please ensure that the Skyrunner Jumping Stilts are used on a hard, flat, non-slip surface.

Disclaimer: please note that any injury or death caused by the use or misuse of Skyrunners is not our responsibility. Please use carefully and at your own risk.